Stefano Dall'Osso

Light is not only art and creativity to put on the scene, but also a store of knowledge to communicate. Light is part of our daily life, it is everywhere we go and, if during the day nature adjusts the luminosity levels and shades in an almost perfect way, at night, it is necessary to come as close as possible to such perfection. This is the main reason behind the unceasing study of Stefano Dall'Osso and his will to convey as many notions he learns from the other lighting professionals.

Stefano Dall'Osso

Because of the great attention he has always paid to properly lighting a space, once he achieved professional maturity and an advanced level of knowledge and experience, he felt the need to spread his know-how in a sphere of activity as wide as possible, pushing himself as far as the business commitments and the fields of teaching allowed him to.

His commitment in this sense is witnessed by the many interventions as speaker in meetings and conferences all over Italy. In teaching, his main targets go from the will to convey his skills on lighting, considering them a real and proper cultural heritage, to the desire of transforming them in a background for the support of big companies or designers or public administrations. At this purpose, he deals with the training of the technical/commercial network of several lighting companies: as a consultant, he holds seminars in order to delve into the subject "Light" in all its forms and implications in man's activities.
As a lecturer, he did some teaching at the Centro Sperimentale di Design Poliarte (Experimental Design Centre Poliarte) in Ancona (AN) and at the Lighting Academy "La Sfacciata" in Firenze (FI), at the Accademia della Luce - Associazione culturale No Profit (Free Academy of Light - No Profit Cultural Association) in Umbertide; at the Master "Illuminotecnica per esterni applicata alla LR10/02" (Lighting for outdoors applied to the LR10/02) in Pesaro (PU) and at the Master "Illuminotecnica per esterni applicata alla LR12/05" (Lighting for outdoors applied to the LR12/05) in Chieti (CH).
At the Academy of Fine Arts, in Macerata, he ran the course of "Lighting applications in architecture and city planning" at the First Level Master in "Light Design" and currently teaches "Design of Urban and Territorial Interventions for Light" in the Course of Design, with specialization in Light Design.

A demonstration of his commitment towards a quality and eco-friendly lighting is his adhesion in 2005 to the Q-Light list of accreditation by subscribing the protocol of agreement with the Cielo Buio Association - Coordination for the protection of the night sky. In this way, he became one of the representatives of the Marche Region for the enforcement and compliance with the regional law against light pollution. Actually, he has always shown particular attention towards such a notorious phenomenon and practically enforces the law when developing his lighting solutions.