Uriele Residence


Uriele Residence


Arzo, Switzerland


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Uriele Residence

Arzo | Switzerland

The lighting design of Residenza Uriele in Arzo involved the fa├žade, private balconies and common areas, such as the entrance hall, the gallery and the stairwell.

The architecture of the residence is on two floors and reveals its particular character through the use of specific building materials: wood and cement.

The light has been designed to integrate completely into the architecture, so that it can disappear from view during the day and reveal itself completely at night.

The lighting techniques underline the identity of the building, enhancing its construction materials: some lighting techniques were made with the same material as the facades of the residence, while others were obtained by creating a saving in the concrete parapet. The effect obtained allows a visual cleaning of the materials and determines a total integration of light in the architecture.

During the night hours, as well as being a guide to the use of the residence, light has given the building a distinctive image, making it immediately recognisable, enhancing its material peculiarities.
Uriele Residence Uriele Residence Uriele Residence