Residenza Elisa


Residenza Elisa


Lugano, Switzerland


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Residenza Elisa

Lugano | Switzerland

The lighting project of Residenza Elisa in Lugano, a skillful combination of state-of-the-art LED technology and maximum light control, focused both on the external areas of the structure (balconies, pedestrian access, green areas and porticos) and on the internal common areas (lobby and stairwell), aiming at creating inviting and welcoming environments.
Thanks to the lighting designed for the balconies, at night the building has an absolutely distinctive character in the surrounding context.
Inside, the void lighting was achieved through the installation of three pendant luminaires, each consisting of 40 glass spheres with integrated LED module. The customised lighting installation, which is 18 metres high, gives Residenza Elisa an atmosphere of innate elegance and a unique identity.
Residenza Elisa Residenza Elisa Residenza Elisa Residenza Elisa