Petritoli - Italy

Object: project of electrical system for the new headquarters of the Agroalimentare F.lli Monaldi S.p.A. (Food Farming) in Petritoli (FM).
Description: in the design of the electrical system, a lighting management and control system has been set up. This system allows automatically adjusting the illuminance level inside the offices according to the quantity of natural light coming from the windows. If the quantity of natural light increases or decreases, this systems lowers or increases the luminous flux of light fittings accordingly, in order to guarantee a constant lighting of the worktop, with a resulting energy saving. The offices are equipped with a presence detector able to automatically switch off the light inside the room, in absence of people inside. The management and control system has also been used to create scenarios for the lighting of the external area of the building that can be manually activated through push buttons or automatically through a weekly clock