Petritoli - Italy - 2007

The lighting intervention on the Monaldi S.p.A. New Location considered both the inside and the outside of the building.
All the internal areas have been treated, from the offices to the meeting rooms, for which we identified lighting solutions that comply with the regulations on the lighting of work places, up to the scenographic terrace on the upper level, a location for events and meetings, that has been duly enhanced in order to offer a lively and pleasant environment where guests and clients can be entertained.
As regards the outside, the main aim was that of making the building immediately recognizable in the whole surrounding area: at this purpose the articulated architecture and the predominance of glass walls was emphasized with a characteristic blue light that, from the inside, runs through the profile of the glass windows and, at night, makes the structure stand out against the surrounding panorama. Moreover, with the help of discreet and small-sized light fittings, the main points of access to the structure have been signalled: the pathways, the stairs, the ramp, the porch, the parking, the surrounding green areas and the brise soleil (sun shading device).