Lugano - Switzerland - 2014

The Casino is a building that rises in the middle of the city of Lugano, over the lakefront, and whose exterior is well integrated in the sober context of the city whereas its interior encloses a world of lights, sounds and colours with a futuristic taste.
The lighting project, in harmony with the mood created in the different spaces and their related function, is aimed at following the same sophisticated and, at the same time, captivating style of the place.
A meticulous and in-depth study of the most adequate and cutting-edge technologies and electronics has been accompanied by the design of special-made light fittings that are perfectly suitable to the restrictions and meet the requirements of the structure.
In any case it guarantees maximum dynamism in the evocable light scenes, in light temperature and colour.
All of this is enhanced by an atmosphere that doesn’t distract the player, but amazes and involves him.