Scacciaspiriti is a ceiling-mounted luminaire with power LED on aluminium printed circuit board able to exalt the search for beauty and the need to light the environment, both indoor and outdoor, through a general and diffuse light.
The light beam that filters through the cylindrical structure, made of satinized PMMA, creates an extraordinary scenographic effect, thus making the light play the role of a fundamental element of decor that stirs true emotions.
This extraordinary cylindrical element of light (diameter 30 mm and several available lengths) is installed through a ceiling fixing support, has a long life and is manufactured with the best constructive technology on the market (aluminium milling, turning and PMMA); it is possible to check the operating temperature with an electronic control and its dimming can be adjusted through a control unit. This possibility to modify the luminous intensity as needed allows changing the colour rendering from a warm to a neutral white.
This ceiling-mounted luminaire is able to exalt the purity of light, exceed it in speed and create living environments thanks to the capacity of its light beam to arouse emotions and feelings.