Mushroom, is a projector that was thought out in two different types of applications: on one side the track version, on the other side a wall and ceiling-mounted version was developed.
Both the ceiling/wall-mounted version and the track version of Mushroom, with its circular shape and made of aluminium, were conceived in three different sizes (medium, small e mini). This projector has a low tension power supply and, among its peculiar characteristics, there are: dimmability, the possibility to be flush with the ceiling, to be suspended or flush with the plasterboard. The product is adjustable and can be installed with a support base of variable dimensions or, in the track version, through a PVC magnetic support.
It allows evoking an emotional component in lighting: the change in the purpose of light inside a house can be compared to a shift in a project or an idea. Mushroom for track application, with its flexible use, can be easily adapted to enhance changes and requirements according to the need to modify an object or the home space where the attention must be focused.
Thanks to the rounded design and its smooth style with different optics, powers and sizes, Mushroom has the purpose to strengthen an element, with delicate thus firm intensity, and emphasize the height and elevation of a determined part of the surrounding environment. All of this happens by focusing the attention on the details that worth being appreciated by the eye.