Morena is an original and effective solution to create a system of professional cove lighting, this light fitting offers high performances and different adjustment options able to follow different structures and volumes, such as vaults, domes, coves in walls and ceilings of several heights and depths.
The lay-on installation makes this cove lighting even more flexible and practical, both during the design and mounting stage.
The ideation of this light fitting was aimed at obtaining a dynamic lighting to respect the circadian rhythms of the employees inside a work place without natural light, creating a stimulating recreational light scene and a personalized lighting controlled through an advanced management and control system, able to satisfy all the requirements and preferences of the end user.
The body of the product is made of press-bended steel sheet, with the led circuit support brackets that can be individually adjusted. The led module, easily replaceable, is made of high power led with a colour temperature that can vary from 2700K to 6500K (Dynamic white) according to the time of the day to recreate the natural variation of daylight.
The diffuser is made of sandblasted or transparent polycarbonate.