Light Blade

For the lighting of a retail chain of an Italian luxury brand, an innovative led source has been invented a “Led Array” with a power of 6,2 W, average life of 50.000 hours, dimmable, and a special made light fitting has been ideated that allows maximising the potentialities of this led.
The features that really make it special are the warm white colour temperature of 2700K, that is to say, a light able to recreate the mood obtained through halogen lamps, and a colour rendering index CRI=97 higher than any other led on the market.
“Light Blade” is made of components for the installation, optical components, components for the adjustment to give life to a luminaire of simple installation and extremely versatile.
The “Light Blade” family is composed of 1 Led, 2 Leds, 3 Leds, 4 Leds and 5 Leds light fittings, leaving also the possibility of customization, the manufacturing of custom-made light fittings according to the quantity of necessary led modules.
Moreover, the range has been progressively increased with an upgrade that includes new models such as:
- “Light Blade Quadro” composed of 1 Led module of squared shape;
- “Light Blade Quadro Large” composed of 4 Led modules of squared shape;
- “Light Blade Quadro Power” composed of 1 Led module of higher power with respect to the previous ones (25W), always of squared shape.
For its distinguishing features, the “Light Blade” light fitting has the following added values:
- it is modular, in order to satisfy the lighting levels in any point of the shop and meet the architectural requirements;
- it is adjustable, in order to be directed according to the display needs;
- it is ceiling-recessed, with an installation “flush with the surface” in order to be perfectly integrated in the architecture, without interfering with the surrounding mood;
- it can be easily installed, for a tool-less mounting in brief time;
- it has an easy maintenance that facilitates any repairing or replacement.