Eggy, the new recessed light fitting in LED technology, is the result of the combination between engineering and design that led to a real and proper revolution in the way of thinking and living light. Thanks to its egg-shaped form, inspired to the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio, it allows an extremely effective use in any type of space and allows a visionary interpretation of the design and strong emotional impact.
Eggy is a recessed light fitting totally flush with the surface, made of AirCoralĀ®, material ideated and patented by Buzzi & Buzzi that, along with the structural features of the CoralĀ®, respects the environment and has even antibacterial, photocatalytic and non polluting properties.
Moreover, it can be perfectly integrated in architecture and is characterised by a non-visible light source.
From a technical point of view, Eggy is equipped with a high-performance COB (Chip on Board) that has many advantages: long operating life, high output, clean light, flexible installation of the light point, low CO2 emissions, energy saving in terms of Kw and improvement of comfort with high lighting performances.