V.I.P. Restaurant - Palexpo


V.I.P. Restaurant - Palexpo


Geneva, Switzerland


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V.I.P. Restaurant - Palexpo

Geneva | Switzerland

The V.I.P. Restaurant can be found in the core of the fair area of Geneva: the Palexpo, a convention centre of 106.000 mq with international appeal.
The lighting is aimed at creating an intimate and relaxing dimension for the clients who spend their time there and exalting the environment and the furniture design, thus prolonging the pleasure to stay and live the context even during the night hours.
In order to make the convivial moment really pleasant and guarantee the visual comfort while reading the menu and tasting dishes, light fittings with state-of-the-art LED light sources have been installed with a high colour rendering index (CRI) and colour temperature (K) with well balanced luminances.
Moreover, the Lighting Management and Control System allows adjusting fluxes and power of the installed light fittings and, at the same time, making the environment flexible and versatile.
V.I.P. Restaurant - Palexpo V.I.P. Restaurant - Palexpo V.I.P. Restaurant - Palexpo V.I.P. Restaurant - Palexpo