Valtenna Box Factory


Valtenna Box Factory


Fermo, Italy


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Valtenna Box Factory

Fermo | Italy

The Valtenna Box Factory in Fermo is one among the most renowned manufacturers of high-quality boxes, packages, cardboard and paper products.
The attention to the environment and the surrounding landscape led the designers towards the choice of natural materials, especially wood and glass, and particular solutions that made the lighting a demanding challenge.
The wooden structure of the ceiling, the presence of display screen equipment that causes reflections and the amount of natural light coming from the glass walls influenced the decisions in terms of lighting and asked for the design of custom-made light fittings that are able to overcome restrictions and meet the requirements both in terms of sustainability and illuminance levels.
In this way, light conforms to nature and perfectly integrates with architecture.
Valtenna Box Factory Valtenna Box Factory Valtenna Box Factory