Maghetti District


Maghetti District


Lugano, Switzerland


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Maghetti District

Lugano | Switzerland

In the beautiful town of Lugano, just a few meters from the Lake, there is Maghetti District. This historic place with a centenary history has been transformed during the years until what it is today: a residential centre and a gathering place with its strong and characteristic identity.
The new lighting system developed for Maghetti District is conceived to meet the following essential purposes: a redevelopment in accordance with the heterogeneity already present in the area; a greater safety thanks to an improved lighting system; the use of the area as gathering place also in the evening.
This has been achieved thanks to the creation of special luminaires in special execution with the latest generation LED technology in monochromatic and RGB + W version, with a long life of the luminaires (50,000 hours) and finally the use of a management and control system (LM & CS) for the configuration of different lighting directions.
Maghetti District Maghetti District Maghetti District