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Atelier Rubinacci


Milan, Italy


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Atelier Rubinacci

Milan | Italy

Even in its shop in Milan, the Atelier Rubinacci intends to convey the style and elegance that distinguish their clothes. Therefore, lighting is, in the first place, the business card of the Atelier and has the purpose of making the clothing style and quality immediately recognizable for the client.
During the lighting design, particular attention was paid to the choice of light sources. Light must recreate the welcoming and warm atmosphere that has always distinguished the fashion brand, since the ancient tailoring shop, and must be characterised by a high colour rendering able to able to enhance the goods and reproduce in a truthful way both colours and weaves of precious textiles. Obviously, the new LED technologies, combined with the possibility to customize the light scenes, guarantee high savings in terms of money and energy-waste.
Atelier Rubinacci Atelier Rubinacci Atelier Rubinacci Atelier Rubinacci