Light becomes an artwork.
The Lighting Designer works with light; he creates new material where there is none. He uncovers, turns on and discloses. Sometimes the Lighting Designer gives soul to his own creations, making them breathe and find a new life in the poetry of light. The Lighting Designer becomes a true artist.
This is Stefano Dall'Osso's life: animating light sculptures, shaping air and giving it body, transforming vibrations into strong exciting visions. Stefano Dall'Osso challenges the laws of physics, he feels the contact with material and shapes it with the help of light, discovering forms, structures, details that are often hidden to the sight, but that make unique and precious every artwork.

The marble veins, the roughness of clay, the porosity of canvas or the brightness of china are real challenges for a light artist; lines, thicknesses, unevenness exalt the essence of any work and let the deepest character come up, in a play of perceptions that involves the Lighting Designer and his public.
Light, when transforming into colour, becomes an essential element to live any vision all over again: it replaces tempera, oil, and adapts to the material through firm strokes or blurred, irregular tinges.

Even the physical support becomes structural part in the scene of the light artist: the lighting device loses its conventional role and enters the artwork, transforming itself into an element of decor, leaving the public in astonishment. It stands out, dominates the space or hides between the folds of material, completely revealing itself only when the artwork asks for it. The Lighting Designer becomes one with the physical support and allows it to convey his emotions, in order to search for the truest sensations and discover his artistic soul.

In this way, light loses its conventional role of simple support to material and changes into something wonderful, exceptional: it mixes codes, overturns the scales of values, transforms the environment image and discovers itself as both signifier and signified.
It becomes "meta-light", instrument and artwork at the same time, voice and soul of those who make it shine and shape it with their sensitivity. Here's the light artist, he works with material, giving it a new life, an unexplored dimension, and awakening his public's emotions.